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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Yes, you were

Dear Abe,

When you are older, an adult, maybe 20 or so, you might have a chance to look back at this photo. It was taken during the summer of 2012. I was so lucky. I was able to come home to Peaks Island from Korea in time to be with you and to see the birth of your sister, Zoe. Yes Abe, you were as loving as your smile. Yes, you were as good as gold...and smart too. You were so glorious to be with. You loved baseball and everything red. Yes, you were deeply loved by your mom and dad and all your grandparents, from Montana to Maine. You were loved too by your great grandparents living in warmer places like Arizona and Florida. Yes, you were so deeply loved.

Abe welcomes Zoe into the world, Summer 2012
Dear Zoe,

Zoe, when you are older you will see how you were loved too. Into the world you came with deep dark hair. You completed a splendid picture for your family, from A-Z. Can you see that in your brother's smile? I look forward to know you young lady. For now, and maybe then, I am a world away. Yes, Zoe, from near and far, you too were loved deeply.


  1. Uncle Steve,
    This post made me SO damn happy. I cannot wait to meet Zoe, the only other Schuit girl in the family! She looks so precious, and that smile on Abe is priceless.

    I love reading your blog, especially hearing about the yummy cuisine you have been enjoying.


  2. Hey Steve, great pic of Abe & Zoe. Thanks for all the good photos of Korea, fun and interesting. john