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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

[Nov/Leisure] Let’s Get Physical: It’s Easy in the Daegu Area

The golden oldie, “Let’s Get Physical,” made popular by singer Olivia Newton-John, could well have been written with Daegu in mind. There is an unmistakable culture here about being physical. 

Daegu’s city fathers have wisely invested in miles upon miles of public biking and running trails. Moreover, hundreds of exercise stations pepper the city and its environs in corner parks, civic squares, and along rivers and roadways.

Exercise stations dot the landscape in Daegu

If you are into walking, jogging or biking, or if you aspire to get started in any, or all, of these activities, Daegu is the place for you!  You’ll find people out exercising at any time of day or night, across the seasons.

In the Daegu area you will see that synthetic tracks, those wonderfully soft walkways usually made of recycled rubber products, have conveniently been laid in every neighborhood. Access is minutes away.

Residents getting in their exercise on the riverside track
 in Gyeungsan
When you choose walking, you make a healthy choice. A walk along the river or through one of the area's numerous parks allows you to see the sights while staying fit. If biking is your thing, the nearly endless network of trails means you can create a unique route almost every time out. And Daegu can be a runner’s paradise with those ubiquitous soft, colorful tracks meandering their way throughout the metropolitan area, and well beyond.

Local resident jogging his way to health
So pick a tune, make it your own and exercise your way to a healthier you--in Daegu.

Let’s Get Physical (Olivia Newton-John)

Walk Don’t Run (The Ventures)

 It Keeps You Running (The Doobie Brothers)

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