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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sometimes the Stars Align

Sunset, Yeungnam University,
Fall, 2014
Sometimes you dig your feet in at the plate. You sway your body just that little bit, to and fro', so that you can feel the steadiness in your stance. You try a few swings before the pitch is thrown. You look around the field searching for an empty space where, if everything goes just right, you might be able to place the ball. The ball comes, you swing and somehow, you hit it on the sweet spot. It streams on an arc right to the location you had imagined just a second before.

Sometimes on a sunny day, just off the coast, you are sailing along without a care in the world. The only sounds are the wind filling the sails and the drunken gulls screaming aloft. You have, as mariners say, fair winds and following seas. Everything is moving you just right.

Sometimes you are in a place in time, between the bookends of your life. There amongst the tales and stories that are your own unique experience, all the people and places intersect. Traffic stops.

Sometimes the stars align as they did at our recent faculty party this December 2014. The Fall semester came to a glorious close with colleagues      and friends, as these photos attest.

Gyeungsan, South Korea.
Photos thanks to Lindsay Nash, Nash Photos.

Sometimes all the people and places intersect
With John Healy, Dec. 2014