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Sunday, September 14, 2014

North Korea Unplugged: Wonsan #1 In A Series of Unpublished Photos and Commentary on North Korea

As a child I couldn't get my hands on enough National Geographic Magazines to quench my insatiable appetite for information about foreign places. For me, the stories were really about the photos and their pithy captions. My mind and eyes were moving too fast to slow down to read the articles.

It's in that spirit, that I share photos from my recent trip to North Korea. I start with the port city of Wonsan. Wonsan, a major city of 330,000, lies on the East Sea, several hours by bus, due east of the capital, Pyongyang.

A trip to North Korea is, in some ways, very predictable. Yet, there were many surprises. For me, I was surprised that, with few exceptions (including soldiers and military installations), we were free to take almost all the photos we wanted. Enjoy this photographic tour of Wonsan, North Korea!

The Wonsan skyline on a hazy summer afternoon
Our hotel in Wonsan. Hot water only available from 7-8 AM

Wonsan Central Station

Caring for a public garden near ubiquitous statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jung Il.

Men fishing off the public pier

Ferry that once brought Japanese tourists to Wonsan. 

Photographers waiting for customers

Wonsan art gallery
Painting displayed in art gallery. Classic "propaganda" art: leader (Kim Jung Il) gazing confidently into the future, before adoring legions, banquet served by leader,  everyone smiling. 
Day capped-off with seafood grill on nearby beach prepared
by our hosts. The clams were delicious!

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