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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Big Man on Campus

“Higher education provides considerable value to individuals, to the economies where
educated individuals live and work, and society in general." 
                                                             Hill, Hoffman and Rex, Arizona State University 

If you are thinking of Daegu in terms of business, career development, or for personal reasons, you've come to the right place. You are unlikely to find a metropolitan area with more top universities and colleges that are so easily accessible. Amongst the nearly 25 institutions of higher learning you will discover:
-Kyungbook National University, one of the highest ranked national universities in Korea,
-Daegu University, recognized as one of Korea's top universities for special education, rehabilitation science and social welfare programs,
-Keimyung University, which many observers believe has the most beautiful college campus in Korea,
-Yeungnam University, with its nearly 30,000 students, has been designated as one of the best universities in the fields of business and international trade.
Big Man on Campus, Yeungnam University
According to researchers, "economies that have experienced substantial investment in either private or public institutions of higher learning, have realized considerable growth and prosperity" (Hill, et al). Daegu fits that description with significant long term higher education investments in technology, research and infrastructure. 

Yeungnam University may be the best example. On its campus of more than 900 acres, Yeungnam features both the very old and the state-of-the-art; the campus hosts a historical Korean folk village and it is also the site of the Kyungbook Techno Park. Daegu's world class subway system recently expanded the terminus of its green line to Yeungnam University's main gate. Each morning thousands of students, faculty and staff enter the university, generating an academic pulse that eventually circulates throughout the whole economy.
Yeungnam freshmen during Spring orientation 
Yeungnam, which dates from 1947, was founded in its current form by Korea's former president, Park Chung-Hee. By any number of measures including acreage, number of students, number of buildings, and number of employees, Yeungnam University is one of Korea's largest institutions of higher learning. Yeungnam includes a medical school and teaching hospital in Daegu, and an expansive, verdant campus in the adjacent city of Gyeungsan. Demographically, the university's population includes several thousand foreign students. Its Foreign Language Institute alone, has a staff of more than fifty native English speakers who teach English to thousands of Yeungnam students.

Cherry blossoms near Yeungnam Library  
Daegu and its satellite towns are a true epicenter for learning and knowledge creation. Collectively, the cities and towns here in the Daegu region continue to realize growth and prosperity thanks to its vibrant network of outstanding and diverse universities and colleges.

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